EBRD and EU Support Turkmen Strawberry Business

EBRD and EU Support Turkmen Strawberry Business
Greenhouse workers harvest strawberries, Turkmenistan.

Batyr Ravshanov, an entrepreneur involved in strawberry production in Turkmenistan under the Tudana brand, has been granted support and grant incentives by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Union (EU), the EBRD press release reported on Tuesday.

In 2020, Tudana was granted a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and received a grant incentive from the European Union (EU). This financial support was vital in enabling Tudana to expand its production area by 1.5 hectares and provided valuable expertise and guidance.

As part of the program, international consultants worked with Batyr Ravshanov, the owner of Tudana, to enhance the greenhouse's irrigation system and promote sustainable water usage practices. They also thoroughly analysed water availability, climate conditions and light exposure to recommend appropriate fertiliser composition changes.

"We have drastically changed our business processes. As a result, we have almost doubled our strawberry production, from 56 to 100 tonnes a year. We have reduced the use of pesticides by 95 percent while using better pest control. In our greenhouses, we use 20 times less water to produce 1 kg of strawberries when compared to outdoor production," Batyr Ravshanov says.

Tudana, the leading strawberry producer in Turkmenistan, maintains an extensive market presence, supplying its products to more than 300 outlets nationwide. Additionally, Tudana has broadened its market reach by exporting strawberries to neighbouring countries such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.