Turkmen Company Receives Over 12 Tons of Milk Monthly

Turkmen Company Receives Over 12 Tons of Milk Monthly
Milk collection with automatic milk collection unit (Photo: MIR24)

The economic society Gözel Türkmen reports an intake of more than 12 tons of eco-friendly milk monthly from its livestock complex, as published in the Rysgal newspaper on Monday.

Situated in the Kaakhka district of the Ahal province, the company's livestock complex, affiliated with the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, houses approximately 150 high-yield cows.

As reported, the fresh milk sourced from these cows is supplied to local entrepreneurs through contractual agreements. Purchased by representatives of the private sector, the milk plays a significant role in the production of confectionery and dairy products.

The company was granted 200 hectares of agricultural land by the state, dedicated to the annual cultivation of various feed crops.