Täze Aý Launches New Meat Production Facility

Täze Aý Launches New Meat Production Facility
Slaughterhouse and meat processing plant complex of Täze Aý

Begench Orazov, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, inaugurated a new production complex Täze Aý, specializing in meat and sausage production, as well as semi-finished products. The facility comprises a slaughterhouse and a meat processing plant.

The new facility prepares high-quality meat and sausage products, and semi-finished products, processing both large and small cattle, reported to the online publication 'Business Turkmenistan' Chary Charyev, a journalist from the international news department of Altyn Asyr: Türkmenistan, under the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Television, Radio, and Cinematography.

The new facility is capable of processing 500 heads of large horned cattle and 1000 heads of large horned cattle per day while adhering to halal standards.

Utilizing modern technologies, a significant portion of the operations is conducted through a digital automated system.

Begench Orazov stated, "The new facility is geared towards producing high-quality meat products not only under the Täze Aý brand but also to meet the needs of catering establishments, restaurants, cafes, and citizens."

Orazov also revealed plans to produce protein-rich fish feed from the remains of slaughtered animals on-site for fisheries.

The modern production launch has created over 100 new job opportunities, with plans to create an additional 50 positions in the future.