British Foreign Secretary to Visit Turkmenistan

British Foreign Secretary to Visit Turkmenistan
British Foreign Secretary David Cameron (Photo: BBC/Getty Images)

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron is set to embark on a significant diplomatic mission across Central Asia, including a stop in Turkmenistan, reports the Government Press Office of the United Kingdom on Monday.

The tour underscores the United Kingdom's commitment to enhancing ties with this strategically vital region. He will meet leaders across the region to deepen cooperation on shared challenges, from counter-terrorism to climate change.

One focal point of the Foreign Secretary's visit is to announce £50 million in new development funding for the Central Asia and Eastern Neighbourhood region over the next three years. This investment aims to stimulate regional growth, enhance economic resilience, and foster trade and cooperation between the UK and Central Asian nations.

Cameron intends to promote British investment in the region, emphasizing its role in fostering sustainable economic growth without compromising regional sovereignty. He emphasizes the significance of British business in creating jobs and prosperity from Bridgend to Bishkek.

Cameron also plans to facilitate access to British Council English language teaching materials for English language teachers in the region while doubling funding for Chevening scholarships. This initiative aims to enable more individuals to pursue higher education at renowned British universities.

This visit marks the first by a British Foreign Secretary to Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, and the first to Uzbekistan since 1997. It also signifies the first visit to Mongolia at this level in over a decade.