Lebap Silkworm Farmers Deliver 1047 Tons of Silk Cocoons

Lebap Silkworm Farmers Deliver 1047 Tons of Silk Cocoons
Silkworm cocoon harvest in Turkmenistan

Silkworm farmers in Lebap province delivered 1,047 tons of high-quality cocoons to the state harvest in the 2024 silkworm breeding season, according to Turkmenistan's official media on Friday.

Specialists from Koytendag, Kerki, Khalach, Danev, and Charjev districts were the first in the country to fulfill their commitments to cocoon procurement.

Farmers in Dashoguz province contributed 507 tons of raw material, Mary province delivered 410 tons, Ahal province provided 155 tons, and specialists in Balkan province delivered over 25 tons.

In total, more than 2,100 tons of cocoons were delivered to the state in 2024.

In addition to various types of silk fabrics, the Turkmenabat Silk Production Association also weaves silk carpets. Turkmen scientists and specialists have also developed selective breeds of silkworms such as Türkmen-13, Türkmen-16, and Ak Pile-1, which are adapted to the country's natural conditions and produce higher quality silk from local mulberry trees.

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