Turkmenistan May Increase Diesel Fuel Deliveries to Ukraine

Turkmenistan May Increase Diesel Fuel Deliveries to Ukraine
Turkmenbashi oil refinery complex

The trading arm of the Turkmenbashi oil refinery complex, Turkmen Petroleum, estimates the possibility of increasing the supply of diesel fuel to the Ukrainian market in 2019 by 40% to 250-260 thousand tons, according to the Operations manager of the company Charyguly Yuvshanov.

“According to our estimates, 40% growth is possible - the company's resources allow it to be achieved,” Ukraine-based energy news website Enkorr cites Yuvshanov as saying at the Black Sea Petroleum Trading 2019 Forum.

The company says that logistic capabilities allow shipping diesel fuel and other types of petroleum products to Ukrainian ports year-round. At the same time, from the economic point of view, the most attractive route is the delivery through the Vologda navigable canal, the navigation period for which is limited to April-November.

“The potential for increase is great, but it depends on pricing,” said the manager of Turkmen Petroleum.

Turkmen Petroleum emphasized that the company guarantees fuel quality and compliance with sulfur content at the Euro-5 standard.

“Quality control is carried out at all levels - from the factory to the terminal, in order to always meet the standards,” noted Yuvshanov.

The season of deliveries of Turkmen diesel fuel to Ukrainian ports of Skywalk Trading started in late April.

In 2018, the supply of diesel fuel from Turkmenistan to Ukraine amounted to 187 thousand tons.