Täç hil Expands Its Product Line

Täç hil Expands Its Product Line

Täç hil individual enterprise, located in the Ak Bugdai etrap of the Akhal velayat, produce twenty million wet wipes per year. Under this brand, consumers are offered twenty six items of personal care products.

The products manufactured and packaged on automated lines fully comply with international quality standards HALAL RC HL 17-009, ISO 22716, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 9001. Thanks to the caps manufactured in-house using European technology, the company increased its operational efficiency and lowered production costs.

The company Täç hil aims to become one of the leading manufacturers of detergents, cleaners and cosmetics. An automated line of foreign production, which is designed for two thousand packages per hour, was installed in the plant to launch a new series of products.

The new automated line will produce up to 250 thousand packages of household chemicals per month. With the installation of the second production line, the Täç hil product line will expand considerably to include new consumer goods: washing powder, fabric softener, shampoos for children and adults, and spray for cleaning glass surfaces. The company's goal is to fill the domestic market with affordable and high quality products that successfully compete with well-known global brands. The company also aims to export its products in the future.

All raw materials used in the enterprise comply with international standards and do not contain components harmful to human health.