Turkmen Paint Brand Provides Advanced Solutions to Consumers

Turkmen Paint Brand Provides Advanced Solutions to Consumers
Ashgabat-based Töwerek company has entered the coatings market with its own brand – Trend.

For the homeowner, nothing is more confusing and unglamorous than choosing house paint and color combinations. A lot of time is spent at a paint store staring at a catalogue of tiny paper swatches to narrow a pool of 100 shades of white or yellow down to five, to figure out how Vanilla is any different from Cream on the wall of a living room, or decide whether to use silicone paint or plastic paint for the kitchen walls.

But that puzzling experience may be changing. In 2018, Töwerek, Ashgabat-based real estate and trading company, entered the coatings market with its own paint brand – Trend, made in Turkmenistan, aiming to provide better solutions for designers and end consumers. Instead of sorting through thousands of colors, customers select from a curated collection of around 500 trend colors, and get the paint colored right at the store with the help of computerized color mixing machine. Want purple? Trend offers the best five. Looking for white? You do not have to ask you neighbors or friends for color recommendations. Trend has the trending ten.

Color, type and category

Choosing paint colors and finishes and finding the right paint can be difficult for the everyday person. But color and design consultants at Trend have 10+ years of experience in this field and are experts in color matching and advanced paint application techniques.

Painting a room involves more decisions than just color. There's a big decision you still need to make: what kind of paint to use. The majority of wall paints sold today is water-based, primarily because of its ease of use. Most water-based paints fall into one of the general categories of matte, semi-gloss or gloss. Paints with a semi-gloss or glossy sheen reflect light.

Advantages of water-based paints:

  • doesn't require a pre-treatment
  • no mildew growth
  • low levels of toxic emissions
  • easy cleanup with water
  • quick drying
  • an elastic, flexible finish resistant to cracking
  • can be used on almost all surfaces
  • stable color over time, doesn't yellow or fade in sunlight

Primer is also an important component to the painting process. It has the same consistency as paint and is applied the same way, but you would never use it as a final coat on anything. Applying a primer before applying the actual paint allows the primer to act as an adhesive for the paint to stick to, which adds durability and longevity.

Trend offers following high-quality products to the customers:

  • Plastic Interior Paint
  • Matte interior paint with silicone
  • Semi-gloss interior paint with silicone
  • Ceiling paint
  • Acrylic exterior wall paint
  • Exterior wall paint with silicone
  • Textured exterior wall paint
  • Interior base primer
  • Exterior base primer
  • Joint fillers for ceramic tiles

For more information about the coatings, please call +99312413360 or send an email via contact@towerek.com

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