Hoşwagt Diversifies Product Range Through Altyn Baş

Hoşwagt Diversifies Product Range Through Altyn Baş
Hoş wagt presents new products in various ways

Hoşwagt company, based in Mary velayat of Turkmenistan, diversifies product range through the Altyn Baş trademark.

Under this trademark, there are 5 types of coffee –­ strong coffee, with a nut, cappuccino, milk flavor, hot chocolate. Altyn Baş also includes sweet glazed wheat, glazed rice, popcorn (corn flakes), stick chips, pyramid chips with onion flavor with sour cream, barbecue, as well as with red pepper, common wheat-corn with cheese flavor.

The company also started production of Altyn Baş crackers and multicolored refined sugar with additives - the taste of raspberry, cinnamon, lemon, wild berry and plain white.

Hoşwagt presents new products in various ways – corn sticks with beefsteak flavor, with onions, ketchup, with milk and cheese. There are also 4 taste flavors – sea salt, barbecue, sausage and cheese.

“Our country supports entrepreneurial activity which allows to create food abundance, to master the production of new types of import-substituting products, to being capable of competing in world markets,” says Maksatmurat Gurbanmuhamedov, the head of the company.

Currently, goods under the brand name Altyn Baş are sent to Afghanistan, and in the near future they will be purchased by Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.