Bakjam Produces 50 Types of Ice Cream

Bakjam Produces 50 Types of Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream on hot summer days. Nowadays, there's almost a limitless range of ice creams in Turkmenistan. Due to a number of manufacturers - members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, ice cream is abundant in the domestic market and even successfully exported abroad.

Bakjam is 10 years old private ice cream producer, who was at the forefront of the development of this business in Turkmenistan. The company, located in the industrial zone of the Ak Bugday etrap in Ahal velayat, produces five tons of ice cream per day.

Bakjam's products include 50 types of ice cream as well as ice-cream cakes.

The “sweet conveyor” of the company is made mainly by local raw materials. The company is supplied with fresh milk from farms, and condensed milk from domestic market.

The company has also established the productiom of six kinds of ravioli in different weight packages and dumplings made with cottage cheese, potatoes and spinach. Two production lines allow to produce 2 tons of this product per day.

The Bakjam dairy line is widely represented in the Turkmenistan's trade network.