Local Specialists Created New Variety of Tomato

Local Specialists Created New Variety of Tomato

The new tomato variety – Aynur – was created in the agricultural research and production center of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute in Dashoguz. It is the interbreeding of Vostok 36x and Balkan varieties.

It will take 116 days from the time of mass ripening of seedlings to obtain the first harvest.

Plant growth in length reaches 45 cm, width - 40 cm. They are moderately resistant to aridity and diseases. The first flowering is formed on the 7-8th leaves. Harvest ripens in the interim period.

The appearance of the tomato is round, smooth, beautiful and red. Its average weight is 80-110 g. The dry substance in the composition of tomato juice is 6.8%, sugar - 3.5%, acid - 0.5%, and vitamin C content - 21.4 mg. The sugar content in fresh fruit is 4.6-4.8 points.

The field tests for the period from 2016 to 2018 brought 43.4 tons of the tomato from each hectare.

Aynur is suitable for use in raw form, as well as for canning and manufacture of tomato. It was submitted to the State Expertise in October 2018.

Sowing areas for this variety of tomato are prepared in the autumn season. In the prepared sowing areas, planting of tomato seedlings is carried out until the first half of April. Harvesting begins on the 3rd week of June and is held every 5-6 days.