Balkan-Based Mill Produced About 13 Thsd. Tons of Flour

Balkan-Based Mill Produced About 13 Thsd. Tons of Flour

Located in the Sarp village of the Serdar etrap in Balkan velayat, the modern flour mill of the Balkangallaönümleri production association of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan produces top-grade flour. The daily output is sent for sale without delay.

The enterprise with a daily grinding capacity of 200 tons of grain and elevator storage of 50 thousand and 30 thousand wheat greatly contributes to the development of the country's economic potential.

Equipped with the most modern machinery, the milling complex is capable of producing 50 thousand tons of flour per year. The company has 6 special tanks, each of which holds 8,333 tons of grain.

The production process is computerized. A line of railways and highways is connected to the enterprise. For weighing grain, the company is equipped with three large industrial scales.

In the first half of the year, the enterprise milled 16 thousand 842 tons of wheat and produced 4 thousand 211 tons of the highest quality flour, 8 thousand 421 tons of first-grade flour, and 4 thousand tons of bran. The plan for the period was fulfilled by 120 percent.