Turkmen Melons – National Treasure and Symbol of Talent

Turkmen Melons – National Treasure and Symbol of Talent

Melons in Turkmenistan are considered part of the great heritage, a national treasure, a symbol of talent and hard work of local farmers that worthily continue the traditions of their ancestors.

Melon production in Turkmenistan is based mainly on old aboriginal varieties improved through selection. Of high demand are such old local melon varieties as Ak Gulyabi 803, Ameri 696, Vakharman 499, Gok Gulyabi 694, Sary Gulyabi 497, Zaami 672, Karry Gyz 700, Kyzyl Gulyabi 498.

The popular scientific publication Babadayhan Mirasy offers 323 names of Turkmen melons obtained as a result of centuries-old folk selection on the territory of Turkmenistan. The book also offers the half-forgotten Turkmen names of 35 local varieties of watermelons and 41 varieties of pumpkins.

Turkmenistan currently cultivates more than 200 locally selected varieties of melon. Most of them have been restored in the years of independence by the joint efforts of scientists and breeders.

A significant part of watermelons grown in the country is made up of varieties of domestic selection Ak Garpyz and Ala Garpyz, Ashgabat Garpyzy, Mary Garpyzy, Charjev Gysh Garpyzy, Jeyhun, Pir Garpyzy, Suyri Garpyzy. New sustainable original varieties of watermelon have been created in recent years.

The Day of Turkmen Melon in Turkmenistan is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of August as a national holiday.