Turkmen President Engaged in Sports, Creativity While on Annual Leave

Turkmen President Engaged in Sports, Creativity While on Annual Leave

During his annual leave, the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov goes in for sports, plays music and writes a book, the state TV of Turkmenistan reports.

The moments from the vacation of the President of Turkmenistan, where he rides a bike in the suburbs of Ashgabat and rides his horse Shapolat at the Akhal-Teke horse complex, were broadcasted on Watan news program on Sunday.

While testing new weapons delivered to the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, President Berdimuhamedov demonstrated his shooting skills as he fired several rounds at the firing range. 

The Head of state took a bike ride to the Olympic town in Ashgabat where the governor of the capital, Shamuhammet Durdyliyev, reported on the maintanance and effective use of the town’s facilities before the President of the country did several sports exercises with heads of military and law enforcement agencies. 

On another day of vacation, the President of Turkmenistan was in a recording studio engaged in music. By using different musical instruments, he played the new music composed by his grandson Kerim.

The Leader of the Nation also passed the high-pitched roads of Karakum desert and drove to the gas crater called The Shine of Karakum. He had installed some the car's essential parts together with his son Serdar.

During the vacation, the President of Turkmenistan finished writing his book about the Turkmen Alabai and submitted it for publication. The new book draws attention to the characteristics of Alabai which are very hardy, self-confident and fearless Turkmen dogs with strong protective instincts. Alabai were withdrawn about 4000 years ago.