Uzbekistan to Supply 800 Isuzu Buses to Oilmen of Turkmenistan

Uzbekistan to Supply 800 Isuzu Buses to Oilmen of Turkmenistan

The delegation of Uzbekistan led by Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov took part in the First Caspian Economic Forum, held in the Avaza National Tourist Zone on August 11-12.

Uzbekistan is not a Caspian littoral state, nevertheless it showed interest in the forum.

According to Uzbekistan News, Uzbekistan is especially interested in the Turkmenbashi International Seaport, which allows for the establishment of logistics in the Caspian countries, as well as access to the ports of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.

At the same time, the forum has become an excellent platform for the presentation of domestic automobile industry products, as well as forging business relations with interested partners in Caspian littoral countries.

“An agreement on the supply of 800 Isuzu buses, manufactured by the Samarkand Automobile Plant, for the oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan was signed as a result of successful negotiations with our Turkmen partners. Buses are not intended for the transportation of passengers, but are specially designed for the transportation of workers and employees of oil and gas sector working on a rotational basis,” said Fahriddin Bakiyev, general director of a dealer company representing the interests of the Uzbek automobile industry.