Jahan Elektronik Produces Traffic Light Control Systems

Jahan Elektronik Produces Traffic Light Control Systems

Specialists of the Jahan Elektronik private enterprise for 20 years have been developing and producing traffic light control systems - multifunctional controllers.

These devices, which are installed next to traffic-regulating devices, not only ensure switching of light signals, but are also able to automatically set various modes, such as normal mode, peak mode, night mode, yellow blinking mode, and green wave mode. Two years ago, the company's specialists mastered the production of devices with integrated microprocessors.

In addition to traffic controllers, Jahan Elektronik also manufactures equipment for controlling submersible and horizontal pumps. Microprocessors ensure reliable operation of the equipment. Their protection mechanism can trigger to ten possible emergency situations.

The program developed by the enterprise’s specialists extends the life of electric motors several times.

Dozens of pumps at the Dashoguz oil depot are equipped with microprocessor protection program of Jahan Elektronik. Automatic devices allow remote monitoring of equipment located on an area of several square kilometers.

Currently, the company’s specialists are developing Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) designed for continuous power supply of various facilities. They are also manufacturing installations for reactive power compensation, which reduce the load on equipment and heat losses.

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