Künjek Mine Department Boosts Production

Künjek Mine Department Boosts Production
Künjek Mine Department of the Koytendag etrap produces non-metallic building materials for subsequent sale to consumers.

Künjek Mine Department of the Lebap’s velayat’s Koytendag etrap produced about 1.043 million cubic meters of non-metallic building materials since the beginning of the year.

The enterprise contributing to the development of raw materials in the eastern region of Turkmenistan is a subsidiary of the Türkmendaşlary production association of the Ministry of Industry and Communication of Turkmenistan.

The volume of surplus products from the beginning of the year on the department amounted to 227.755 thousand cubic meters, which allowed to fulfill the production plan by 128%.

The output of the Department amounted to more than 20.6 million manats.

The entire technological process of production, from raw materials to finished products, is carried out using fully automated equipment.