Inventions of Turkmen Scientists Help to Upgrade Country’s Chemical Facilities

Inventions of Turkmen Scientists Help to Upgrade Country’s Chemical Facilities
Maryazot chemical plant of the Turkmenchemistry State Concern

The State Intellectual Property Service of the Ministry of Economy and Finances of Turkmenistan recognized as inventions and issued patents in 2019 to seven scientific developments presented by the scientists of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

Most of the innovations of the scientists have been introduced at the enterprises of the Türkmenhimiýa State Concern, as well as in other industries.

In particular, chemists helped to establish the production of coagulant at the Turkmenabat Chemical Plant. Maryazot chemical plant launched the production of caustic soda. New cement brands with natural additives, basalt and iron ore, have been developed for enterprises of the Turkmensement production association.

The scientists together with the technologists of the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries introduced the technical regulations for the production of high-octane gasoline from the wastes of the Kiyanli polymer plant. By order of the Türkmenhimiýa SC, a feasibility study has also been prepared for the industrial development of the mineral salts of Garabogaz Bay.

Last year, the largest number of patents was granted to the candidate of chemical sciences, the head of the Department of Oil and Gas Chemistry, and technology, Muratdurdy Keymirov. Over the past three years, the scientist has prepared fifteen innovative proposals that are registered by the State Intellectual Property Service.

Most of his developments were introduced at the enterprises of the country's chemical industry. Notably, he developed last year a modifier that stabilizes the properties of road bitumen. The scientist has developed a three-stage filter with an electrocoagulator to produce drinking water and introduced an effective method to control and regulate the degree of ammonia conversion at the Maryazot chemical plant of the Turkmenchemistry SC.

Several proposals of Keymirov allowed solving a number of environmental problems. He helped to improve the method of eliminating the rigidity of waste water for reuse at Maryazot plant. The plant introduced an effective method of removal of ammonia from water vapor using local natural material, zeolite. The scientist's proposals allowed not only to significantly reduce energy costs, but also to improve the environment by reducing emissions.