Turkmenistan’s Largest Poultry Complex to Double Its Chicken, Egg Output

Turkmenistan’s Largest Poultry Complex to Double Its Chicken, Egg Output
The enterprise has purchased highly productive ROSS-308 broilers.

Nurly Meýdan private enterprise, a leading supplier of chicken meat and eggs in Turkmenistan, intends to double production this year. To this end, the company has purchased highly productive ROSS-308 broilers.

The first batch consisting of 32 thousand chickens purchased from Hungarian producers reached the poultry farm in Balkan velayat’s Bereket etrap in the western Turkmenistan. Another 84 thousand chickens for the reproduction of breeding offspring will arrive in stages in the first half of this year.

Last year, the enterprise produced up to 3 thousand tons of high-quality poultry meat, which makes third of the country’s total chicken meat production.

The country's largest poultry enterprise has an automated incubation complex, about a dozen poultry houses that allow growing up to three million broiler chickens annually, a feed mill for the production of granular and loose feeds. The launch of these facilities made it possible to organize a full production cycle of chicken meat and eggs.

The enterprise entered into an agreement for the supply of poultry products with Bereketli and Kämil Market chain stores, velayat divisions of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations, and Ashgabat's markets. The enterprise has a potential to bring annual meat production to 8 thousand tons.

The company has also privatized and equipped a poultry farm in the Uzyn Suw village in Bereket etrap. The farm is designed to produce 20-30 million eggs per year. In the past two months, the enterprise sold about three million eggs to consumers.