Turkmen Company Manages Its Livestock Farm Using Digital Control System

Turkmen Company Manages Its Livestock Farm Using Digital Control System
The livestock farm of Ajaýyp Ussat – Halal Önümler Economic Society presently includes more than 2,000 cattle.

Ajaýyp Ussat – Halal Önümler Economic Society began using digital control systems in its livestock farm for meat and dairy production in Ahal velayat’s Baherden etrap, Turkmenistan’s Bereketli Toprak newspaper reported on Monday.

The farm, which covers an area of 31 hectares, includes 14 barns and 2 milking parlors, according to the report.

The farm's director Dovletmyrat Berdimuradov said the complex currently contains more than 2,000 cattle and over 1,000 sheep, adding that the first phase of the livestock farm was launched in 2015.

Berdimuradov said the farm only included local cattle breeds in its first year of operation and that in order to improve breeding conditions, the company purchased German Holstein dairy cattle and Swiss Simmental cattle breeds.

“By adapting these cattle to our climate, we are breeding more productive breeds from them,” Berdimuradov said.

The barns are equipped with modern machinery for the automatic removal of cow dung, adjustment of indoor temperature, and cow massage brushes, according to the director.

The complex has a centralized computer system for the cattle care. The cows have special chips attached, which can be used to monitor the health of each animal through a central computer. Sensors attached to dairy cows determine the amount of milk that each cow can yield.

Each of the two milking parlors is designed to milk 48 cows at a time. Once the sensors attached to the cows inform about the amount of milk they can give, the computerized technology automatically milks the reported amount.

These sensors attached to cows also assist the veterinarian to easily diagnose the disease by monitoring the health condition of the cow. The farm produces 17 tons of milk every day and sells it to dairy companies.

When the farm was commissioned, the state allocated 2,850 hectares of land to provide the livestock with fodder, the director continues, adding that farm now produces its own feed by harvesting crops twice a year from the fields.

At the end of 2018, the company commissioned a new cattle breeding farm for the production of marbled beef. Initially, the company purchtased 69 German Aberdeen Angus breed of cattle, which produce marbled meat. The company now includes 300 Aberdeen Angus cattle and work is underway to multiply them.

The farm, which houses thousands of livestock, employs more than 30 people. Ajaýyp Ussat – Halal Önümler Economic Society aims to increase the number of livestock to 9,000.