Turkmenistan to Establish Industrial Processing of Camel, Goat Wool

Turkmenistan to Establish Industrial Processing of Camel, Goat Wool
A new workshop will open at the Dashoguz Cotton Spinning Mill for processing cotton and wool waste.

The integrated development of the textile industry of Turkmenistan, which has practically inexhaustible textile raw materials, is aimed at solving the strategic tasks of import substitution and increasing export-oriented products. The country creates new high-tech enterprises for the processing of such row materials.

The Ministry of the Textile Industry of Turkmenistan is carrying out large-scale work to increase production volumes with the rational use of local raw materials.

According to the TDH news agency, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during a Cabinet of Ministers meeting on Friday noted that the textile industry, one of the main areas of the national economy, has set important tasks to increase production, create new enterprises equipped with high-tech equipment, the main goal of which is - production of a wide range of competitive products using local raw materials.

In this regard, in order to further strengthen the material and technical base of the domestic textile industry, the Head of State signed a Resolution.

According to the document, the Ministry of Textile Industry is authorized to conclude a contract with an Italian Cormatex SRL company for the purchase of equipment (with the condition of carrying out all work on its delivery to Turkmenistan, installation and onsite adjustment).

The new equipment will be supplied in order to establish a wool spinning production line in the Bayramali Textile Complex, designed to produce 130 tons of yarn from camel and goat wool per year, and for a workshop, which will be opened at the Dashoguz Cotton Spinning Mill, for processing cotton and wool waste and annually producing 7200 tons of wood and insulation materials used in furniture production and construction.