Turkmenistan Continues to Closely Monitor Developments in Afghanistan

Turkmenistan Continues to Closely Monitor Developments in Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan continues to closely monitor the development of the situation in Afghanistan, according to the Turkmen ministry’s press release issued on Wednesday.

Based on the principles of friendship and good neighborliness, as well as on the historical, cultural and civilizational commonality of the peoples of the two countries, Turkmenistan has always been and remains deeply interested in the internal political stability and security of Afghanistan, and the well-being of the brotherly Afghan people, according to the statement. At the same time, Turkmenistan is a firm adherent of the peaceful solution of Afghan issues through political and diplomatic means and methods.

Ashgabat is in favor of an early normalization of the situation in Afghanistan and expresses confidence that new state institutions in the country will be formed in the near future within the legal framework and with the broad participation of all ethnic groups residing in Afghanistan, the Turkmen foreign policy agency notes in the statement.

According to the Turkmen foreign policy agency, Turkmenistan will continue its activities aimed at providing comprehensive assistance to the Afghan people in the establishment of peace, civil harmony and stability in the country, economic, social and humanitarian development of Afghanistan.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan says Embassy of Turkmenistan in Kabul and the Turkmen consulates-general in Herat and Mazar-i-Sharif continue to operate normally.