Turkmen Farmers to Harvest 140 Centners of Potatoes Per Hectare

Turkmen Farmers to Harvest 140 Centners of Potatoes Per Hectare
Farmers in Dashoguz velayat mainly planted high-yielding varieties of Dutch potatoes.

Farmers in Turkmenistan’s northern velayat of Dashoguz completed the planting of autumn potatoes. Potato growers expect to harvest at least 140 centners of tubers per hectare before the onset of cold weather, the country’s official media reported on Monday.

This year in the northern region of the country, the bulk of the potato plantations is located in Gurbansoltan-eje etrap, the largest producer of tubers in the region. A large volume of autumn potatoes will also be grown in the S.A. Niyazov and Gubadag etraps.

Farmers in Dashoguz velayat mainly planted high-yielding medium-early and early varieties of Dutch potatoes, which are unpretentious in care, are distinguished by high yields and are well adapted to local soil and climate conditions.

During the harvesting of vegetables in open field in Turkmenistan, which started in early July, the average yield of potatoes amounted to 180 centners per hectare. Farmers' associations and some private structures of Dashoguz velayat have collected over 26,600 tons of spring-planted potatoes.

Last year, in accordance with state production plan for vegetables and gourds, Turkmen farmers harvested 21,250 tons of cabbage, 38,340 tons of carrots, and 214,700 tons of gourds.