Turkmenistan’s Toprak Increases Its Processing of Waste Paper

Turkmenistan’s Toprak Increases Its Processing of Waste Paper
Under the NowaEco trademark, Toprak ES produces packaging that serves to transport, protect and provide products to consumers.

One of the largest producers of paper and corrugated board in Turkmenistan, Toprak Economic Society has increased its processing of paper waste. The enterprise purchases from 250 to 300 tons of paper waste from local businesses every month, the official media of Turkmenistan reported on Sunday.

The company produces a wide range of paper products, including paper, packaging and printed products for local enterprises in the textile, food industry and other sectors. Under the NowaEco trademark, the company produces packaging that serves to transport, protect and provide products to consumers.

Toprak operates two main enterprises and a small collection center in the city of Mary. The company processes more than a thousand tons of waste paper annually in its plant, which was put into operation several years ago in Ovadandepe region of Ahal velayat’s Gokdepe etrap. Built with funds provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the plant is equipped with imported equipment. The final product is kraft paper in rolls of 2 meters or more. The company also operates the line for the production of cardboard cores used in the textile industry.

Toprak ES’s plant in the Buzmeyin etrap of Ashgabat produces corrugated cardboard and packaging containers. Cardboard boxes of various shapes and configurations with printing are assembled at the plant from high-tech corrugated cardboard produced using imported raw materials. The plant supplies its products to the country’s largest food and confectionery manufacturers, pharmacists, wine and vodka producers and other industries, according to the report.

Additional volumes of processing of raw materials are provided by the section for the production of packages from corrugated cardboard in the Mary velayat’s administrative center.

The company is working on the launch of the "Ashgabat Green Belt" project, which involves landscaping areas near the accumulation of wastewater. It involves the massive planting of the world's fastest growing North American paulownia tree.

Toprak also participates in the UN Sustainable Cities program to collect and recycle paper waste using innovative methods and the opening of eco-sites. The network will receive special containers to sort waste, which will ensure maximum cleanliness and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 100 thousand tons per year.

Toprak ES plans to expand the range of recyclable waste and increase production capacity. To this end, the company's specialists have developed a project for a new site, where they will collect and process urban waste. In the production of paper and packaging, the company will use not only waste paper, but also wood, deciduous and agricultural waste. To this end, the company has already secured the necessary funds and ordered equipment for the production of cellulose and, accordingly, paper.

Currently, a number of large private enterprises and individual entrepreneurs are engaged in the collection and processing of waste paper in Turkmenistan. The Türkmen Pamyk ES in the Ak Bugday etrap, businessman Nazarguly Mammetguliyev, the manufacturer of cardboard products in Ashgabat, Tachmyrat Kakageldiyev, the waste processor in Mary velayat, the businessmn Tursunbai Begjanov and Yoldash Geldimedov, the producers of toilet paper in Dashoguz are distinguished for the quality of their products, according to the report. This year, they all together recycled 22 thousand tons of paper waste.