New Products of Turkmen Businesses Enter Local Market

New Products of Turkmen Businesses Enter Local Market
Exhibition dedicated to the UIET's 13th anniversary, Ashgabat

New products of member businesses of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan (UIET), based in Ahal velayat, entered local shopping centers and stores. The demand for the new products among the population is already high, the country’s official media reported on Friday.

Türkmen Berk Metal Individual Enterprise started selling its new antiseptic products in different containers – from five-liter bottles to a pocket sized versions for personal use. The antiseptics are produced in the industrial zone of the UIET in the Ak Bugday etrap of Ahal velayat. The new products containing 60% ethyl alcohol and aromatic colognes are sold under the Arýa brand.

Four types of ballpoint pens from Gündogar Şöhlesi Economic Society with an elongated transparent plastic body also appeared on the domestic market. Most of the raw materials for pen production are local, with only ink filler and nib imported abroad. The stationery products are produced in the city of Anev, according to the report.

Since this year, Täze Saba Economic Society in Gokdepe etrap has been producing CVDent toothbrushes with a multilevel arrangement of bristles, curved handle of different lengths and necessary additions for comfortable handle.

Ynamly Ojak Individual Enterprise’s workshop for the production of metal caps with simple and threaded edges for sealing bottled drinks in glass containers is ready for launch in Gokdepe etrap. Next year, the company also plans to launch production of bottles. According to the industrial department of the UIET, 85% of the components will be provided on the basis of domestic raw materials, while 15% will imported abroad.

Established in 2008, the UIET unites more than 25 thousand businesses operating in different sectors of the national economy.