Austrian Company Proposes to Open Turkmen Carpet Store in Vienna

Austrian Company Proposes to Open Turkmen Carpet Store in Vienna
Head of the Europe Consult GmbH Peter Gindl expressed confidence that the marketing of Turkmen carpets in Europe will yield good results.

Austrian company Europe Consult GmbH proposed the Turkmen side to open a store in Vienna and set up the trade of Turkmen carpets and carpet products, the company’s head Peter Gindl voiced the offer during the bilateral meeting between the heads and representatives of a number of government agencies and business circles of Turkmenistan and Austria held at the Turkmen Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday.

The head of the Austrian company expressed confidence that the advertisement of Turkmen carpets and the studying of the preferences of European buyers will yield good results in this direction, the official media of Turkmenistan reports.

"Our main goal is to strengthen cooperation between European and Turkmen businesses. We have more than 20 years of experience in establishing and expanding bilateral relations in various economic spheres," Gindl said.

Gindl stated the company he heads recently assisted in the export of greenhouse products grown by members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan (UIET) to Austria.

"For Turkmen entrepreneurs, entering the European market, where requirements and competition are very high, is a great achievement. Ecologically pure and tasty products grown in this sunny land are in high demand in this region," Peter Gindl stressed.

The meeting between the Turkmen and Austrian delegations was organized within the framework of the visit of the Federal Minister for European and International Affairs of Austria Michael Linhart to Ashgabat. The delegation of the Austrian business included representatives of the country’s leading companies specializing in various fields, and the Federal Economic Chamber.