Turkmen President Visits Private Poultry Farm in Dashoguz

Turkmen President Visits Private Poultry Farm in Dashoguz
During the tour of the farm, the Turkmen President also inquired about the packaging of the poultry products.

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during his visit to the country’s northern velayat of Dashoguz on Thursday got acquainted with the activities of the poultry complex of Işewür Topar company in Gorogly etrap.

The company head Oremyrat Sopiyev said that the farm produces 300 tons of poultry meat a year.

During the tour of the farm, the President inquired about the farming of chickens, the time of their maturation and the preparation of fodder for the birds.

The businessman said 210 thousand chickens are bred in the complex in six stages a year, 35,000 at each stage. The maturation period of the birds for meat production is 45 days. For female turkeys, this period is 120 days, while for male turkeys it is 150 days. At this age, the weight of the hen reaches 8-10 kilograms, toms – 14 kilograms.

According to the explanation of the head of the enterprise, a land plot of 50 hectares was allocated for the

Işewür Topar ES was allocated 50 hectares of land to grow fodder crops. It grows corn on 20 hectares, barley on 5 hectares, and clover on the remaining 10 hectares.

The Turkmen President said the state allocates funds for the development of the private sector, promotes the expansion of production lines. He added that the state will continue to create the necessary conditions for the efficient work of entrepreneurs and the launch of new products, and advised to further develop production.

During his visit to Dashoguz, the Turkmen President also inspected the construction of the 500-kilovolt Balkan-Dashoguz power transmission line and held a working meeting on the further development of the country’s electricity sector.

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