Turkmen Company Starts Diet Food Production

Turkmen Company Starts Diet Food Production
The company produces about 5 tons of dietary products per day.

Tibet Türkmen Economic Society, the manufacturer of Balşeker-branded food products in Turkmenistan, has recently started production of diet food, the country’s Rysgal newspaper reported on Monday.

The new dietary products are made from cereals and have high nutritional value and health benefits. The Balşeker-branded bread slices and sticks help to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, contributing to the proper functioning of the digestive system. The products compose of corn, oatmeal, rye flour, as well as barley, wheat groats, rice flour and table salt in small quantities, according to the report.

The company, which operates under the motto "Sagdyn ýaşaýyş üçin" (For the healthy life), produces about 5 tons of dietary products per day. They are packaged in 100- and 150-gr cardboard boxes. The ecologically clean food products, which are produced using only domestic raw materials, are already supplied to the counters of the country's stores.

The Balşeker brand also includes many products such as breakfast cereals with flavors of banana, chocolate and honey, ready-made breakfasts with marshmallow, candy bird's milk, marmalade and other sweets.

Tibet Türkmen aims to export its new diet food products to neighboring states in the near future.