Turkmen Company Garagum Exports Its Nonwoven Fabrics

Turkmen Company Garagum Exports Its Nonwoven Fabrics
Garagum Nonwoven is the sole producer of melt-blown nonvowens in Central Asia.

Garagum company, producing nonwoven fabrics in Turkmenistan, has launched the export of its products to Eastern Europe and CIS countries.

Registered in 1992, Garagum Economic Society is one of the first enterprises in the country. It is based in Ruhabat residential complex in capital Ashgabat. The company commissioned in 2020 a factory for production of nonwoven fabrics Garagum Nonwoven. Its products are spunbond, melt-blown and spunmelt composites (spunbond, melt-blown, spunmelt) made from local raw materials. The company is the sole producer of melt-blown nonvowens in Central Asia.

Garagum Nonwoven manager told Business Turkmenistan that the factory also produces disposable products from its own fabrics – three-layer and multi-layer face masks, hats, aprons, coveralls and blankets.

Garagum Nonwoven has modern flexographic and rotogravure printing equipment for printing different drawings on nonwoven materials according to customers' requests. Garagum Nonwoven is the first to use equipment for lamination of nonwoven materials in Central Asia. It employs around 100 specialists.

Garagum Nonwoven, which is seeking to strengthen its position in the international market of nonwoven fabrics, has recently joined the EDANA, the international association serving the nonwovens and related industries. The company also presented its products to foreign businesses at the international exhibition of plastics and polymers Plastex-2022 in Uzbekistan in September.

The company is currently working on several projects on exporting eco-bags. The company’s eco-bags are also in high demand in the domestic market.

For more information about the company's products:

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E-mail: marketing@garagum.com