Argus Oil Products 2024. Caspian and Central Asia Markets

Argus, the international price reporting agency, is extending an invitation to businesses in Turkmenistan to attend the Argus Oil Products 2024: Caspian and Central Asia Markets conference, which will take place in Dubai, UAE, on March 6-7.

The conference will bring together senior executives from major international oil, trade, and transport-logistic companies to discuss key trends in the oil and product markets across Caspian, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern countries, Argus told Business Turkmenistan.

Last year's conference attracted over 400 participants from 150 companies and 30 countries.

The conference agenda will cover these topics:

  • New era of global markets for crude oil and petroleum products. Changes in global flows;
  • Overview of macroeconomic conditions and industry trends in the global crude oil and petroleum products market. Developments in global demand;
  • Changes in European sour crude oil markets and prospects for KEBCO (Kazakhstan Export Blend Crude Oil) grade;
  • Freight transportation market: Lengthening of oil products transportation routes, impact on transportation costs, changes in the insurance market;
  • Current state of oil refining in Asia-Pacific region (India, China, Indonesia);
  • Trends in Turkey: Growth of imports and exports of petroleum products;
  • Middle East Markets: Challenges and Opportunities;
  • Transit flows through Kazakhstan;
  • Petrochemical Product Deliveries from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan;
  • Recent trends and prospects for imports of oil and petroleum products to Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan;
  • Transportation and transit opportunities in the Caspian region and Central Asia;
  • Aspects of transfer pricing in cross-border agreements in the Central Asian region.

For further information, individuals can contact the Argus conference department or visit their website.

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