Avaza Rolls Out Eco Bikes

Eco Bike Stations, opened in the National Tourist Zone Avaza in accordance with the instructions of the President of Turkmenistan, grabs attention of the visitors. Ordinary bikes are also stationed along with electric ones at bicycle rental stations, which are located in front of hotels and work around the clock.

Furthermore, bikes can be rented from one station and returned to another. To get the services of an e-bike station, customers need to contact the hotel reception. In order to rent a bike for a certain period of time, one can pay in advance or later be it in cash or by card at the reception of the hotel.

Stationed electric bikes are equipped with the system “PedalAssist” in which electric motor works only when pedaling, greatly simplifying the ride. On a single charge, e-bikes weighing 18.5 kg can cover up to 40 km.