Mollagara Medical Mud and Sea Salt Sold in International Markets

Products manufactured at the Türkmendermansenagat Association’s Factory on Medical Mud and Sea Salt Packing, located in Balkan velayat in the western Turkmenistan, are now sold in international markets.

According to the information received by Business Turkmenistan, the company produces 20 varieties products, including sea salt, and clay form Mollagara Lake and various volcanoes. The company sells its products in the pharmacies of the country. Work is also underway to deliver them to the population through other outlets.

An enterprise conducting negotiations on the export of medical products to foreign countries, upon order of the US-based company Alde Vaal Group, sent its products in small batches in order to familiarize and enter the markets of the United States, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. The advertising of Turkmen products is currently underway. The website also launched online sales of these products.

The introduction of medical products were also conducted in Kazakhstan. The company Gara International has conducted the presentation of the products in Pakistan.

Paytun Economic Society delivered the three batches of the medical products to Russia, for their presentation.The presentation of a mask made of volcanic clay for face took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Türkmendermansenagat Association’s Factory on Medical Mud and Sea Salt Packing started production in October 2014. The enterprise is designed to produce 400 thousand packages of products per year, with the possibility to increasing production volume up to 800 thousand packages.

The healing clay and salts produced at the enterprise are 100% natural products without chemical additives.