Turkmen Entrepreneurs Attend Largest Food Exhibition in Russia

Turkmen entrepreneurs are participating in the ongoing international exhibition for food, beverages and food raw materials PRODEXPO 2020 in the capital of Russia, Moscow.

Altyn Ýunus and Parahat Individual Enterprises from Turkmenistan showcase their food products at the international exhibition, which began its work on Monday.

Altyn Ýunus, a company with over 10 years of experience, is at the same time a producer of various food products and an official distributor of a number of foreign companies’ products in Turkmenistan.

Sunflower seeds, peanuts, pistachios and chewing gums produced under the Ýunus trademark are in high demand among Turkmen consumers. The company also produces caramel sticks under the Melek trademark.

Ýunus and Melek products have been exported to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Iraq. Currently, work is underway to establish the export of products to the markets of Belarus, Mongolia and Russia.

Altyn Ýunus will also exhibit its products at the Gulfood 2020 international food exhibition, scheduled to take place in Dubai on February 16-20. The largest food exhibition in the Middle East celebrates its 25 year anniversary this year.

Parahat showcased its drinks Eçil, Joş, Özi, Han Çaý, Ýeserje puree, Dat ketchup, Süýtli Dere milk, Däp kefir and Köşili sausages at the exhibition PRODEXPO 2020.

Parahat, which participated in international exhibitions abroad several times, presented its products at the exhibition in Kazakhstan last October. The company also participated in the Gulfood exhibition.

Founded in 1993, Parahat Individual Enterprise increased its focus on the food industry in 2013 and in May of the same year it started the production of fruit juices under the Joş trademark. Since then, the company has been regularly expanding its product range.

PRODEXPO is the largest exhibition of food industry products in Russia and Eastern Europe, which is among the top ten food exhibitions in the world. The 27th edition of the expedition this year gathered over 2600 companies from 70 countries.

The exhibition, which continues until February 14, expects 67 thousand visitors from 112 countries.