Çeper Store Offers Customers New Carpet Varieties

Çeper Store Offers Customers New Carpet Varieties

Çeper carpet store, located in the center of Ashgabat, started offering new varieties of carpets and rugs, woven with modern tones in harmony with ancient patterns.

The new carpet store offers customers a wide range of carpets produced by the Abadan Haly carpet complex, including such varieties as Owadan, Kümüş, Tolkun, Sähra, Tomus and Pasyl.

Carpets produced by the Abadan Haly carpet complex using European technologies are in great demand to this day. In addition to high demand in the domestic market, these carpets are also exported to foreign countries.

Abadan Haly carpet complex was launched in 2016. The carpet products of the complex are showcased at exhibitions held both in the country and abroad. The company is presently the largest manufacturer of textile carpets in Turkmenistan.

The complex with a total area of 14.5 hectares is located in Ashgabat city’s Buzmeyin etrap. The carpet complex includes a workshop for the production of polypropylene and acrylic yarn, a workshop for carpet weaving, a workshop for gluing and processing. The company employs over 650 specialists. The complex is capable of annually producing up to 2.5 million square meters of carpets.

The private company’s carpet and polypropylene yarn products are exported to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey. The executives of the complex are currently holding trade negotiations with companies in Russia, Europe and the Middle East.

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