Turkmenistan’s Ýigit Receives International Quality Certificate Global G.A.P.

Turkmenistan’s Ýigit Receives International Quality Certificate Global G.A.P.
The company exports its products to domestic and foreign markets, primarily to CIS countries.

Ýigit Economic Society, one of Turkmenistan’s largest tomato producers, is the first in the country to receive an international certificate Global G.A.P., which confirms that its products meet the highest standards of quality, safety and ecology.

The greenhouse complex of the company occupies 34 hectares in Kaka district of Ahal province and has over 600 employees. Ýigit positions itself in the foreign and internal markets under Mahmal Agroproduct brand. It mainly exports to CIS countries.

All necessary parameters for optimal growth of plants and seedlings - humidity, temperature and ventilation systems are maintained in the greenhouse. In addition, the company uses only safe and internationally approved pesticides and fertilizers to protect its tomatoes from pests and diseases.

An independent certification organization, Control Union Certifications, also praised all aspects of the company's production process, from seed selection to packaging and storage of ready products.

Ýigit received the international certificate Global G.A.P. in six months. The availability of the certificate declares adherence to certain standards and provides a number of benefits, including increased export opportunities to European countries, proof of high quality and safety of products, increased domestic market competitiveness.

Receiving the Global G.A.P. certification is a proof of leadership position of Ýigit Economic Society and a stimulus for further business development.

The certification was carried out with the help of the United States Agency for International Development's (USAID) Central Asia Trade Program.

Global G.A.P. is an independent organization that defines requirements for voluntary certification of agricultural products worldwide. Global G.A.P. certification is provided by more than 100 independent accredited certification bodies in 80 countries.