Turkmen Businessmen to Participate at International Exhibition F-Istanbul

Turkmen Businessmen to Participate at International Exhibition F-Istanbul
F-Istanbul international exhibition, 2022, Istanbul, Türkiye

Turkmen companies will participate in the international exhibition Food Istanbul on July 12-14 in Istanbul, Türkiye, Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan informed. 

This long-awaited annual food industry event attracts exhibitors from various countries, including Turkmenistan. 

Several Turkmen companies such as Arçalyk, Kilwan, Altyn Ýunus, Parasatly, Balşeker, Ak Gar, Mähriban-Merw, Täze Aý, Balam, Sada, Tükel, Mekan, Misgar, and Altyn Şöhle will participate at the event.

Food Istanbul will showcase the latest achievements in food, beverages, confectionery, ingredients for the food industry, and packaging, as well as retail equipment and store design. 

The event will also bring together manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, distributors, and network markets to establish new commercial relationships. The main goal of the exhibition is to become an international platform for cooperation in the food industry.

The participation of Turkmen companies in the Food Istanbul will help to promote Turkmenistan's products in the world market and create opportunities to establish new contacts and expand business relations. The exhibition will help promote Turkmen brands and attract new investments.