What Documents are Required to Export Goods from Turkmenistan?

Kuvvat Charyyev
What Documents are Required to Export Goods from Turkmenistan?
Artyk Customs Station in Turkmenistan

When exporting (exporting) goods from Turkmenistan for commercial purposes, the following documents must be submitted to the country's customs authorities:

1. Foreign economic transaction

Transactions for the following exported goods are subject to registration at the State Commodity Exchange of Turkmenistan:

  • goods of state institutions;
  • goods purchased from non-state institutions and private entrepreneurs, from the population, the price of which exceeds the amount established by the legislation.

2. Commercial documents:

  • invoice (invoice);
  • shipping, packing lists, and other documents.

3. Transaction passport is issued for goods, the value of which exceeds the limit of money in free circulation, i.e. the amount established by the legislation.

4. Transport (transportation) document - international road transport document (CMR) in case of transportation by road, international railway transport document in case of transportation by rail, bill of lading in case of transportation by sea, air-transport document in case of transportation by air.

5. Permit documents confirming compliance with the restrictions established by the legislation of Turkmenistan:

  • veterinary certificate for livestock products;
  • phytosanitary certificate for products of plant origin;
  • permission of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan for works of art (paintings, graphics, paintings), ancient archaeological objects, and other items of artistic, historical, scientific, and cultural value;
  • certificate (result) of the state association "Türkmenhaly" for handmade carpets and carpet products;
  • other relevant authorization documents in cases stipulated by the legislation of Turkmenistan.

6. Certificate (declaration) confirming the origin of purchase:

  • A certificate confirming the origin of purchase of goods produced in Turkmenistan;
  • A formalized cargo customs declaration when importing goods produced abroad into Turkmenistan.

7. Documents confirming the classification code of the goods according to the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity:

  • commercial documents with a full description of the purchase;
  • certificate of conformity issued during manufacturing;
  • technical documentation and quality passport.

8. Documents confirming information about the exporting person:

  • constituent document (registration) of the enterprise;
  • certificate of registration of a private entrepreneur;
  • copy from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities in Turkmenistan;
  • certificate of participation in foreign economic activity (for small and medium-sized enterprises - certificate); 
  • documents confirming the exporter's ownership of the goods.

9. Correctly filled in the cargo customs declaration.

10. Document confirming the payment of customs duties.

Source: Kuvvat Charyyev, lawyer.

Rysgal newspaper, May 29 issue