What Are Requirements For Goods Circulating in Turkmen Domestic Market?

What Are Requirements For Goods Circulating in Turkmen Domestic Market?
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Under Article 26 of the Trade Activities Act of Turkmenistan, goods of proper quality that comply with the requirements established by law must be circulated in the domestic market of Turkmenistan.

Circulation of goods in the domestic market is subject to the availability of accompanying documents confirming their origin - receipt documents and certificate of conformity.

Goods circulating in the domestic market shall have labelling that complies with the requirements for labelling consumer packaging of food and non-food products.

The labelling of goods shall contain the following information:

- the name of the country of origin of the goods;

- the legal address of the manufacturer and its trade mark;

- the name of the goods;

- composition (completeness) of the goods;

- nutritional value, information on the absence of genetically modified organisms (GMO) - for food products;

- date of manufacture;

- shelf life, expiry date, service life;

- storage conditions;

- labelling of the normative document according to which the goods can be identified - for domestic goods;

- bar code;

- Other information under the law.

The information for part four of this article must be presented on labels, tags, and insert sheets in the official language of Turkmenistan, as well as in Russian and/or English. Additionally, at the manufacturer's discretion, it may be provided in other languages. It is mandatory for alcoholic beverages and tobacco products circulating in the domestic market to be labelled with excise stamps.

Storage and transporting of goods shall be performed in conditions ensuring their quality and compliance with safety requirements for consumption, including storage in specially equipped premises and transportation in vehicles designed for these purposes. In established cases, compliance with such requirements shall be confirmed by records in relevant documents.

It is prohibited to sell:

- goods withdrawn from circulation;

- goods restricted in circulation without special authorisation;

- goods manufactured in violation of copyright and (or) neighbouring rights or with illegal use of another's trademark;

- Excisable goods subject to labelling under the established procedure without excise stamps;

- Goods that do not comply with the requirements for the labelling of goods outlined in this article and other regulatory legal acts of Turkmenistan;

- goods that do not have supporting documents;

- Goods of inadequate quality, not complying with safety requirements or not meeting the requirements of regulatory documents;

- Other goods prohibited for sale by law.

Source: Law of Turkmenistan "On Trade Activities"