Massive Turkmen Gas Field’s Annual Output to Reach 200 bcm

Massive Turkmen Gas Field’s Annual Output to Reach 200 bcm
Galkynysh gas field, Turkmenistan

With the implementation of seven stages of development of the Galkynysh field, the world's second-largest gas field located in Turkmenistan’s Mary province, its annual natural gas production will reach around 200 billion cubic meters, the country’s Neytralnyi Turkmenistan newspaper reported on Tuesday.

At the first stage of industrial development of the field, the Türkmengaz (Turkmen Gas) State Concern together with foreign partners built 22 wells and two gas processing complexes with an annual capacity of 30 billion cubic meters of marketable gas.

At the moment, there are 45 wells in the field, the average flow rate of each of which is 2 million cubic meters of gas per day.

The huge natural gas reserves of the Galkynysh field, together with the Yashlar and Garakol fields, are estimated at 27 trillion cubic meters.

At the moment, the specialists of CNPC Chuanqing  Drilling Engineering Company Limited (China) have completed the construction and commissioned three gas wells at the Galkynysh field. Due to the original design and proper placement of these wells, it was possible to achieve the design flow rate of each of them on average about 3 million cubic meters of gas per day.

Recently, a new gas production well No. 271 at the Galkynysh field, drilled to a depth of 4,665 meters, has produced a commercial flow of natural gas.

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