II week of December: SCRMET Trade Transactions Exceed $22.1 Million

II week of December: SCRMET Trade Transactions Exceed $22.1 Million
Specialist supervises the production of cotton yarn, Turkmenistan.

The total amount of transactions at the trades of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan (SCRMET) for the last week amounted to $22,1 million, the press service of the SCRMET reported on Monday.

Business representatives from Afghanistan and other countries purchased urea from Türkmenhimiýa (Turkmen Chemicals) State Concern and lighting paraffin for foreign currency.

Traders from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Türkiye and Kyrgyzstan concluded deals on purchasing textile industry products, cotton yarn and fabric, cotton fibre, regenerated cotton fibre, various types of cotton spinning and industrial waste.

For the domestic market, Turkmen business representatives purchased technical iodine from Türkmenhimiýa (Turkmen Chemicals) State Concern, polypropylene, oil bitumen, base oil from Türkmennebit (Turkmen Oil) State Concern, handmade carpets, cotton yarn and other products worth nearly 220 million manats.

Last week, the State Commodity Exchange and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan registered 51 deals.