Ahal Province Initiates Construction of New School and Dormitory

Ahal Province Initiates Construction of New School and Dormitory
Opening ceremony of a 600-seat secondary school in Gushchy village of Lebaba gengeshlik of Sayat district, September 1, 2022, Turkmenistan.

This Ahal province is set to embark on the construction of a modern secondary school with a capacity of 1,200 seats, accompanied by a dormitory providing accommodations for 120 beds. This development is planned for the Bokurdak settlement in the Ak Bugday district.

During a recent online Cabinet of Ministers meeting on Sunday, Deputy Chairman Baymyrat Annamammedov reported the details of this construction initiative to President Serdar Berdimuhamedov. The President, in turn, commended the successful efforts to fortify the education system and improve its material and technical infrastructure across the nation.

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov emphasized that the upcoming construction should align with modern standards and meet the contemporary requirements of a secondary school and dormitory. He instructed appropriate measures to ensure the successful realization of this project.

The government meeting's agenda extended to cover vital matters concerning the state's crucial activities, reflecting a comprehensive focus on the nation's progress and development.


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