FAO Delivers Laser Soil Leveling Machine to Andalyp Farmers' Association

FAO Delivers Laser Soil Leveling Machine to Andalyp Farmers' Association
Farmers of the Andalyp Association in the Akdepe district of Dashoguz province have received a laser soil planner, Turkmenistan.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has recently provided the Andalyp farmers' association in the Akdepe district of Dashoguz province, Turkmenistan, with a cutting-edge laser soil leveling machine, as reported by the official Turkmen media on Saturday.

As reported, the delivery is part of the FAO and Global Environment Facility (GEF) regional project titled "Integrated Natural Resource Management in Drought and Salinization Prone Agricultural Lands of Central Asia and Türkiye 2" (CALCILM-2/ISSAUZR-2). The initiative aims to adopt efficient approaches to natural resource management and transition to environmentally friendly agricultural technologies.

Andalyp, situated in the Akdepe district of Dashoguz province, is one of the pilot areas for the CALCILM-2 project in Turkmenistan, alongside the Yerbent Farmers Unions in Central Karakum and the mountainous Nohur settlement in Ahal province.

Mahmud Shaumarov, the regional coordinator of the project, emphasized that the laser land leveling machine not only aids in conserving water resources and preventing soil degradation but also enhances work efficiency, reduces soil preparation time, and minimizes fuel costs.

The equipment plays a crucial role in saving one-fourth of the water volume used for irrigation, tripling the efficiency of water utilization, and decreasing soil salinity levels. Additionally, it promotes the harmonious growth, nutrition, and irrigation of crops, resulting in a substantial 30% to 40% increase in harvest productivity.

The primary objective of the CALCILM-2 regional project is to comprehensively expand integrated natural resource management in drought and salinity-prone agricultural lands in Central Asia and Türkiye.