BOTAŞ Ready To Facilitate Turkmen Gas Exports to Turkish Market

BOTAŞ Ready To Facilitate Turkmen Gas Exports to Turkish Market
Meeting between the Turkmen delegation and BOTAŞ leadership on January 29, 2024, in Ankara, Türkiye. (Photo: BOTAŞ)

The Turkish state-owned company BOTAŞ has affirmed its willingness to assist in the export of Turkmen gas to the Turkish market. This commitment was conveyed during a meeting on January 29, 2024, in Ankara, between BOTAŞ management and a Turkmen delegation representing the Türkmengaz (Turkmen Gas) and Türkmennebit (Turkmen Oil) state concerns.

According to the press-release published by Turkish company, the discussions primarily focused on the prospects of Turkmen gas supplies to Türkiye, exploring both short-term and long-term cooperation possibilities.

Abdulvahit Fidan, Chairman and General Director of BOTAŞ, further engaged with the Ambassador of Turkmenistan in Ankara, Mekan Ishangulyyev, and deputy chairmen of the Türkmengaz and Türkmennebit state concerns.

As reported, during the meeting, BOTAŞ underscored its readiness to extend comprehensive support towards achieving the shared objective. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining constant communication between the two state-owned companies, BOTAŞ highlighted the goal of ensuring access for Turkmen gas to both Turkish and global markets.

BOTAŞ, as a Turkish state-owned oil and gas company, plays a crucial role in the transportation and trading of oil and gas within Türkiye and internationally.