Iran To Embark on Highway Construction Linking Incheburun to Balkan

Iran To Embark on Highway Construction Linking Incheburun to Balkan
Road construction in Iran (Photo: Tehran Times)

Seyyed Mohammad Dahnavi, Deputy Governor of Golestan Province, has announced the initiation of a highway construction project connecting Incheburun to Turkmenistan's Balkan prrovince in the coming two months. The move, driven by the goal of boosting exports, especially to Turkmenistan and other Asian nations, underscores Iran's commitment to regional connectivity.

As reported by IRNA on Friday, Deputy Governor Dahnavi underscored, during a press conference dedicated to the Iranian head of state's visit to Golestan province, that the substantial increase in exports from Iran to Turkmenistan and other Asian countries stands out as a primary motivator for the initiation of this highway construction project.

The province is actively enhancing its export capacity, with current foreign market sales standing at $265 million, aiming to elevate this figure to an impressive $300 million in the near future, Dahnavi added.

Deputy Governor pointed out that Golestan has experienced a significant surge in product imports, witnessing a 187 percent increase. Among the imported goods are products from Turkmenistan, reflecting a demand for Turkmen goods in the Iranian market. Ashgabat and Tehran have strengthened their trade and economic ties in recent years, he noted.

Last November, the State Agency for the Management of Highway Construction of Turkmenistan and the Ministry of Road and Urban Construction of Iran signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. The agreement outlined plans for the construction of the Gumdag-Etrek-Iranian Border highway.