Turkmenistan’s Ambassador and SUEZ Discuss Desalination Plant Construction

Turkmenistan’s Ambassador and SUEZ Discuss Desalination Plant Construction
Meeting between Turkmenistan's Ambassador to France Maksat Charyyev and representatives of SUEZ, March 1, 2024, Paris, France. (Photo: Embassy of Turkmenistan in France)

Maksat Charyyev, Turkmenistan's Ambassador to France, held a meeting with representatives of SUEZ in Paris, on Friday, to explore potential collaboration in implementing projects related to the construction of desalination plants and water purification facilities.

According to the Embassy of Turkmenistan in France, the company was represented by Paul Bourdillon, the CEO for Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia, and Timothée Cargill, the Director of International Development.

During the discussions, the parties also examined the development of water distribution infrastructure.

SUEZ expressed interest in establishing cooperation with Turkmenistan and proposed organizing a delegation visit to the country for further consultations.

As reported, this meeting marks the initial step toward establishing long-term partnership relations between Turkmenistan and SUEZ.

SUEZ SA is a French utility company operating in sustainable development, providing global leadership in water resource and waste management. The company assists its clients in ensuring access to water supply and sanitation, employing reliable and innovative solutions.