Ajaýyp-gurluşyk Builds New Health Center in Northern Turkmenistan

Ajaýyp-gurluşyk Builds New Health Center in Northern Turkmenistan
A snapshot from the construction site

Ajaýyp-gurluşyk, a private enterprise, is constructing a new Health Center in Dashoguz province in the north of Turkmenistan, as reported by Turkmenistan's official media on Tuesday.

The new medical facility is being erected within a new residential complex situated along the road leading to the Dashoguz International Airport.

Covering half a hectare, the two-story building's foundation is currently being laid, and the supports for the first floor are being erected.

According to reports, the new center will house a reception area, administrative section, medical offices, procedure rooms, laboratory, pharmacy, and other necessary facilities.

The Health Center is planned to be equipped with modern medical equipment, enabling the provision of a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic services to the population.

In recent years, Dashoguz has seen the inauguration of numerous new buildings, including a modern multipurpose hospital with 450 beds and an oncology clinic with 150 beds.