New Natural Gas Influx Obtained at Galkynysh Gas Field

New Natural Gas Influx Obtained at Galkynysh Gas Field
Gas workers are launching natural gas flow at a new operational gas well.

Drillers of Türkmengazburawlaýyş, part of the state concern Türkmengaz, achieved a significant natural gas influx during Eid al-Adha celebrations at the 259th operational well of the Galkynysh gas field.

According to Nebit-Gaz newspaper's June 18 issue, specialists drilled the well to a depth of 4,461 meters, yielding industrial gas flow from reservoirs between 4,461 and 4,350 meters.

Experts estimate the well produces over two million cubic meters of natural gas daily.

Japanese firm Sumitomo's saddle and pump-compressor pipes, fountain equipment, and column heads were extensively utilized in the drilling and construction of this gas well, matching the geological and technological characteristics of the Galkynysh gas field.High-tech underground equipment from U.S. companies played a crucial role in this achievement.

Türkmengazburawlaýyş is currently actively drilling the 260th and 265th operational gas wells at the Galkynysh field.

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