Dashoguz Hospital Receives Cutting-Edge New Equipment

Dashoguz Hospital Receives Cutting-Edge New Equipment

Technical re-equipment of healthcare facilities is being carried out in the northern region of Turkmenistan. Healthcare experts say the re-equipment with up-to-date technologies makes it possible to provide therapeutic and preventive services to the population in compliance with high world standards.

A new computed tomography (CT) scanner from a well-known Japanese company Toshiba was installed at the multidisciplinary hospital of Dashoguz velayat. The new CT scanner allows diagnosing diseases with high accuracy. The medical equipment of the velayat hospital was also supplemented with a magnetic resonance imaging and two fluoroscopic Toshiba devices.

Last year, departments of ophthalmology, proctology and otolaryngology of the multidisciplinary hospital were also supplied with new modern equipment, including laser capable of accurately diagnosing and effectively treating various diseases.

Turkmenistan has reformed and developed the field of national healthcare, giving it a status of the multipurpose system of social protection. Reforming the domestic healthcare sector, taking into account the world's advanced achievements, is one of the priority areas of state policy in Turkmenistan.