Pharmaceutical Enterprise Produced Gauze Worth 3,47 million TMM

Pharmaceutical Enterprise Produced Gauze Worth 3,47 million TMM

Turkmendermansenagat association's enterprise for the production of pharmaceutical gauze in the Dashoguz velayat fulfilled a five-month target plan for the production of all kinds of high quality gauze worth 3,47 million manats.

The production capacity of this enterprise with advanced technologies amounts to 13 million packages of world-standard gauze and hygiene products used in medicine.

Currently, the enterprise produces 12 different types of products widely used in medicine. Production departments of the company are divided into four categories - bleaching, gypsum, textiles and gauze products. Local cotton is the main raw material used in the production.

Laboratory equipment installed at the Quality control department meets international standards and allows for thorough inspections of all raw materials used in production, as well as the quality and quantity of manufactured products.

Turkmendermansenagat pharmaceutical association includes several pharmaceutical manufacturers and agro-industrial complexes. The enterprises of the association produce over 400 types of medicines and medical products.