Afghan Delegation Impressed With Mary Exhibition of Turkmen Products

Afghan Delegation Impressed With Mary Exhibition of Turkmen Products

Mary hotel in the city of Mary on Tuesday hosted an exhibition of products made in Turkmenistan and welcomed a delegation from the Herat province of neighboring Afghanistan.

The guests shared their impressions of the visit to the city of Mary.

Abdulsalam Atayar, a well-known businessman in Herat province:

– Staying in Mary velayat, one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of Turkmenistan, Turkmen hospitality, and visiting the exhibition of various products of Turkmen entrepreneurs organized in a beautiful hotel left on me, as a businessman, a great impression. The variety of food and industrial goods presented at the exhibition attracted the attention of all guests with their high quality and attractive packaging, thus justifying the work of the entrepreneurs and specialists who organized the exhibition. We are interested in ensuring the domestic market of our province with these goods, which will have a beneficial effect on the development of trade and business relations between the two provinces.

Mohommad Tahir Arif, Director of Energy Management for the Western Region of Afghanistan:

– 50 percent of the electricity consumed by Herat province is imported from Turkmenistan. The contract concluded between the two provinces undoubtedly indicates the upcoming growth of this indicator. Turkmen electricity covers a large number of houses in Herat. Along with the growth of cooperation in business, economy, culture and sports, the growth of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two provinces in the energy sector is encouraging.

Serhetabat-Turgundy railway opened in February 2018. On the opening day, the first train was sent from Serhetabat station to the province of Herat, which consisted of five passenger and 50 freight cars. The construction of the railway with a total length of 13 km was completed in about 3 months.

Turkmenistan also built and commissioned a maternity hospital in the town of Turgundy in Herat province of Afghanistan.

Special report for Business Turkmenistan by Ayjan Abdiyeva at the Maru – Şahu Jahan Provincial Newspaper

Photographer: Shamyrat Amadov

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